Top weird technology you never knew existed

As technology evolves, new gadgets come into existence which ranges from the practical to the downright bizarre. The number of inventions has grown exponentially over the years and continues to do so at a rapid pace. Some of these inventions include self-lacing shoes, the microwave oven, and flat-screen TVs. Although some of these inventions might seem farfetched now, they may very well become commonplace in the future. Let’s see below the top technology you never knew existed.

Self Lacing Shoes

The Nike Air Force 1 is an iconic shoe that many people have worn as the style became popular during the 90s. This classic sneaker was able to change colour by itself when it came into contact with different surfaces such as marble or wood floors. Over time, Nike figured out how to make this happen electronically and introduced the first “smart” shoe that could be controlled by your iPhone. You would simply download an app onto the phone that would instruct the shoe on what colours to change to. A few years later, Adidas also came up with something similar called Adiwear which can react to multiple conditions to choosing its colours. It even contains sensors which measure light, temperature, humidity, and air pressure in real-time. While these shoes are pretty cool, the next generation of sneakers goes way beyond the ability for them to just choose their colours.


They want us all to believe that Back To The Future II where Marty McFly gets his hoverboard was possible but we’re coming across more and more reports that show that the tech is not so futuristic after all because scientists have created working hoverboards using magnets and science stuff like that. We’ve seen videos of hoverboards being produced via 3D printing leaving us wondering if we’ll ever get our hands on one of these bad boys or not.

Electric Dog Beds

Have you ever noticed that dogs don’t like to sleep? DooYoo takes away their pain by inventing electric dog beds. It works by creating high-frequency sound waves which will help dogs relax so they can fall asleep fast and easily visit casino en ligne francais. The company is still searching for ways to make its product work better for cats. So far, there are no plans to create cat beds.

Smartphone Controlled Robot Arm

In today’s day and age, almost everything seems to connect to a smart device. From appliances to vacuum cleaners, even toilets are getting connected. But what about robotic arms? What started as sci-fi movies such as RoboCop have turned into reality. There are even smartphone apps allowing users to control these machine guns remotely. All jokes aside, Samsung just came out with an updated arm robot that offers 7 different motions that can be controlled through Siri and Alexa voice assistants. Even though this doesn’t fit the definition of “weird” technology, it’s too futuristic for some of us.

Microwave Ovens

You guys remember microwave ovens right? They were initially invented back in 1945. For 50 years, we haven’t had anything better to replace them. Just last year, engineers came up with newer models that can cook faster along with doing other fun functions like measuring cups and timers however; we aren’t quite ready to ditch them just yet!

In conclusion, here’s our list of 5 weird but wonderful technologies from past decades that we always wanted to see evolve. Nowadays, we don’t need any of those inventions, but at the same time, we admit that there are lots that they brought us.